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My name is Engineer, Doctor Betram Kiswaga (PhD), Born at Uporota, Unyamwanga – Mbeya region, where i grew up. During those good years, there were no TVs, Video games, Computers, Cellphone so we used to play a lot, various games like football, Cycling, Athletes, Mountain Climbing, Trees Climbing, Swimming, Hide and Seek and many many more…..! You name it.! The joyfully  childhood was  full  of  love and fights, curiosity and inquisitive minds, as well as bullying, cruelty, quarrel and stalking.

My childhood dream was to become a Pilot, and was keen to pursue PGM combination, however, my dream was distracted when I got an offer to join National Institute of Transport to pursue Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. My adulthood dream is to see the Tanzanian nation composed of  Kiswaga connection drive forward to liberate economically.

Who are your Role Model?

During  childhood , in those good old days,  with little understanding, it was difficult to actually get information of prominent people whom we should have admired,  especially in village life. However, some role model were there, and just few to mention, should include, father of the nation, His excellence the late, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, My parents, who were always practice what they preach, especially love, spiritual life, hard work, generosity, physical and spiritual cleanliness.

  • My other role models are Padre Andreas Fidelis Mbunju, A.P. – Spritually
  • Gerald Kiswaga – Handsome Brother, very bold in what he believe. I leant in self trustworthy from him. I liked to listen the way he performed leadership at his work place with rights and due diligence it helped me alot when i was given the opportunity to lead at various capacity in different organization
  • Joane Kasuga – In Education
  • Margreth Mwaipopo – When i got back from studies abroad – to agree on whats right,  Marge you are miracle sent from heaven above. I have learnt a lot from you, to be honest .. the courage.. May God bless you..!.

What are your education milestones?

Kisalala Standard  I – IV: 1967 – 1971……….Mwakaleli Middle school V – VI: 1971 – 1972……..Mabadaga (Chimala) P/S VII – 1973: Mock……….Mbeya (Meta) P/S VII – 1973: I cried a lot…….Kandete P/S VII – 1974……..Kandete P/S VII – 1975: I escape home through the window, one of my brother saw me and I told him shiii…..close the winodws , am gone..

Mzizima Secondary  School  Form I – 1976…………Forodhani  Secondary  School   Form II – IV: 1977 – 1999…………. National Institute of Transport ( FTC) – 1980 – 1983: BS for 3 yrs. ……….National Service JKT 1 Year – 1983/1984…………. Lodz Polish Language School – Certificate ,1: Year  1985/1986……………………Wroclaw Technical University, Poland –  Master’s Degree ,  5 Years: 1986 – 1992:  and Wroclaw Technical University, Poland –  PhD ,  5 Years: 1992 – 1997


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“ You never accomplish anything alone, I was feeling the absence of the people who were most influential in getting me to this point through out my student life and work life. I wished they could be here too. ”


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Employment Milestones

  • VETA Chang’ombe: 1983 – 1985
  • NIC: 1997 – 2008
  • National Institute of Transport (NIT):: 2008 – 2015
  • TAZARA: 2015 – 2018
  • National Institute of Transport (NIT): 2018 – 2020
  • Retirement:.2020

 Leadership Milestones

  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • KCIS
  • Chang’ombe VETA
  • NIC
  • NIT
  • TBS
  • Organziation such as TANZANET etc


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Who are you?

Humble, shy, generous, and gentle

Hobbies ?

Sports ranging from playing football, riding bicycles, Mountain Climbing,  Praying, Reading Books


Exposure abroad

  • Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique, Ethiopia, seychelles, and Ivory Coast)
  • Europe (Poland, Sweden, Denmark, German, France, Northern Ireland n and Netherlamd
  • Asia (Japan and China)
  • America (USA)